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Britishmania Beatles Tribute Band Goes Beyond Impersonation. They are the real deal!

California Beatles tribute Band

The internationally acclaimed, Britishmania Beatles Tribute Band is probably the leading Beatles Tribute performance bands today! Making use of their authentic costumes, gear and of course MUSIC, Britishmania can almost fool perhaps the most picky Beatles fan. Hired by top companies, theaters and festivals through the entire US, Britishmania has probably the most unique tribute shows in the country.

Each show features three acts, each concerning another era, with costume changes and all sorts of. Act I - The Beatles Invade America (1964) February 9, 1964 “The Ed Sullivan Show” introduces the Fab Four to almost 73 million people and a new phenomenon comes into the world. Songs within this era Include: She Loves You, I Wanna Hold Your Hand, Please Please Me, A Hard Day’s Night, Can’t Buy Me Love and more. In Act II, the Shea Stadium/Help/Revolver (1965-1966 )era, the show features video backdrops highlighted through the band performing to some 60,000 fans, the biggest concert at that time on August 15, 1965. Songs performed in this Act include some songs from the Beatles studio albums Rubber Soul, Revolver and Help. Songs within this era include: The night time Before, Help, Nowhere Man, Day Tripper, She Said She Said and more. Act III-features The Psychedelic Years (1967). Using the rigors of touring and death threats, this rock band chose to come back to the studio where their imagination ran wild. The Fab Four again rewrote the ebook on studio albums. Songs in this era include Sgt. Pepper, Strawberry Fields, Penny Lane among others. Act IV-features the In-the- End (1968-1969)era. Even though the band was clearly going to demise as a result of soured relationships, poor business matters plus a have to have individual lives, the maximum musical act decided that this will probably be their swan song leaving more wonderful music from Allow it to Be, The White Album and Abbey Road. Songs on this era include Revolution, Allow it to Be, Hey Jude and much more. More than 35 renditions are executed in each and every show.

Beatles Tribute Band

Britishmania is a Beatles Tribute Band running nicely and away from typical impersonation and isn't being missed.